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Bullet Force

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Bullet Force

Bullet Force is an online multiplayer FPS game with amazing 3D graphics, join a team and battle to win.
Play as a guest or sign up for a profile.
Purchase and unlock new and cool weapons.
Very similar to Battlefield gameplay.
Join a public match or create your own server.
Choose between Conquest or Team Deathmatch. There are many weapons and cool maps.

UPDATED on October 2018 with six new maps have been added: Zen, Village, Office, Park, Prison, and City.

Developed by. Lucas Wilde
Publishers: Blayze Games

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


W,A,S,D: move
Spacebar: jump
Mouse: shoot
Shift: run
P: pause game
Enter: respawn
G: throw a grenade
E: pick up a gun
F: use a knife
R: reload your weapon
C: crouch
2: change your weapon
Arrow keys for killstreaks
Tab key for the score

Available on tablet and smartphone: Apple iOS and Google Android.