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Falling Sand – Sandspiel

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Falling Sand – Sandspiel

Falling Sand also known as Sandspiel is a pixelated physics simulation-sandbox video game where you can paint with elements, conduct experiments and build your own world!

A falling sand game type of particle simulation video game. This allows the players to place particles of different elements on a “canvas”. The particles can interact with other particles in various ways and may be affected by gravity, in some games.

“Imagine the cool phenomenon when the wind blows the falling leaves. This game simulates the phenomenon with powder (dots)!” -DAN-BALL

Build whatever you want. Your imagination is the only limit. Browser what other people have created and add your own creation to share with the world.

Elements include Ice, Water, Sand, Lava, Fire, Oil, Plant, Fungus, mite, acid, seed, dust, rocket, wall, stone, gas, wood, and cloner.

Element Information:




Sinks in water


Puts out fire


Forms arches, folds under pressure


Freezes Water, slippery!


Highly Flammable!


Copies the first element it touches


Eats wood and plant, but loves dust! Slides on ice


Sturdy, but biodegradable


Thrives in wet enviroments


Spreads over everything


Grows in sand




Flammable and heavy


Corrodes other elements


Pretty, but dangerously explosive


Produces smoke


Explodes into copies of the first element it touches


Inspired by classic falling sand games such as the powder game.

Developed by maxbittker.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

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