Power Instinct

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Power Instinct

This Family Feud Is To The Death!
Control of the third wealthiest family in the world is achieved by defeating all Gogetsu bloodline contenders in a martial arts tournament to the death! Every opponent has studied for years to master their special killing techniques and crushing moves. By entering this tournament, you risk all you have worked for in a desperate battle for the ultimate prize – the honor of ruling the Gogetsu Clan.

– 1- or 2-Player non-stop martial arts action!
– Choose from eight specialized fighters, each with never-before-seen fighting abilities with powers!
– Practice Mode – Hone your battle skills against a purely defensive opponent!
– Life Attack Mode – Take on the entire cast of warriors with only one life meter!
– Join-In Mode – Allows a second player to get in on the action anytime during game play!
– Throwing attacks and combination attacks increase the damage to your worthy opponents!

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

Controller to Keyboard Mapping =

Click on the red "X" button at the top right corner to close the console-to-keyboard mapping setting. Try to remember the console-to-keyboard mapping for Player 1 and Player 2.

Player 2 uses NumPad. Please make sure your NumPad is unlocked.

Game is saved to your browser cookie, so if you want to save game, you must enable cookie. If you clear cookie, save game will be gone.