Sonic Revert

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Sonic Revert

have fun with Sonic the Hedgehog racing/platform fan-made game that takes inspiration from Sonic R, Trackmania.

Currently in development.

Developed by Taldiuz

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.

How to Play:

YOU HAVE TO PICK a random USERNAME at the top left corner before you start Multiplayer to prevent errors from popping up.

ontrolsKeyboardXbox controller
Move (normal mode)ArrowsLeft joystick
Reset position (both modes)RB
Jump (both modes)SpaceA
Jump attack (both modes)Space (hold)(hold)
Aim (jump attack mode)ArrowsLeft joystick
Attack (jump attack mode)Space (release)A (release)
Accelerate (triggers run mode)ZRT
Drift (run mode)ShiftLT
Turn (run mode)ArrowsLeft joystick