Super Smash Flash 2

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Super Smash Flash 2

The ultimate super smash game with tons of amazing characters, based on the popular Super Smash Bros Melee.

SSF2 include crossover between multiple video game universes.

Who will you choose to battle with?


Currently 46 playable characters. Including notable characters like Mario, Goku,  Sonic, Pikachu, and more more.


The goal is to knock your opponents off of the screen or stage.

Each player has a percentage counter at the bottom of the screen, which increases as they take damage. The higher the percentage, the lighter they become which mean attack will sent them flying farther, which may ultimately lead to a KO.


Considered one of the largest flash game project ever developed. The first version of Super Smash Flash was released in 2006 by Mcleodgaming. Ever since hundreds of developers had helped contribute and build up to this current installment. All the developers are fans of the original Smash Bros and want to recreate their beloved games in their own way.

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As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Super Smash Flash 2 was developed by McLeodGaming.

How to Play:

It has many of the Super Smash Bros mechanisms, such as shield, dash, Up+B, smash attack, items, and many more.

Player 1Player 2
Player 1:
WASD: move
U: Grab
I: Shield
O: Attack 1
P: Attack 2
1: Taunt
Player 2:
WASD: move
5: Grab
1: Shield
2: Attack 1
3: Attack 2
4: Taunt

Space: Select
Back: Pause