Touge Drift and Racing

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Touge Drift and Racing

Amazing car game with realistic 3D graphics and realistic driving physics.

Touge Drift & Racing will take you to a beautiful foggy location with mountains, downhills, sharp turns, and unique cars, which roar will make you feel real satisfaction.

Your main aim is to drive a track for a minimal time interval with a maximal amount of drift points.

Each car has “drift” and “racing” stages, drift points depend on maximal car speed and maximal drift angle: the higher speed, the bigger angle – this is a way to get more drift points.

– 3 Big Locations

– Mountain City

– Training Base

– 58 Configurations

– 10 Unique Cars

– Awesome Physics

– High Graphics

The game is over 200 MB. Please be patient while it is loading.

As Always, Good Luck and Have Fun.


Touge Drift and Racing was developed by Volodymyr Bozhko.

How to Play:

W – Throttle;
S – Brakes;
A – Left;
D – Right;
Space – HandBrake;
Shift – Gear Up;
Control – Gear Down

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